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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Hadrian's Wall

The Roman Emperor Hadrian initiated the construction of Hadrian's Wall to keep out the Picts and the Scots after arriving in Britain.

Construction started in AD 122 and was largely completed in six years.

The wall  stretches from the River Tyne to Solway Forth being 73 and a half miles in length across the narrowest part of Britain, with a fortlet every Roman mile.

The 73-mile Hadrian's Wall was the largest structure ever built by the ancient Romans.

The wall was manned by 5,500 freezing cavalrymen and 13,000 damp infantrymen.

It was linked to the city of York by a line of smoke signal stations.

A latrine built along his wall has enough room for 20 men to sit side by side.

The Limestone Corner area of Hadrian's Wall is not made from limestone. 

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