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Wednesday, 26 August 2015


On January 9, 2007, Apple Inc CEO Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone—a touch screen mobile phone with an iPod, camera and Web-browsing capabilities—at the Macworld convention in San Francisco.

Jobs called the iPhone a "revolutionary and magical product that is literally five years ahead of any other mobile phone."

During the first live iPhone presentation, Steve Jobs had to frequently switch phone to an identical one behind his desk because it would otherwise run out of RAM and crash.

Before Apple settled on an icon-based interface for the iPhone, the company toyed with an iPod-based interface—a touch screen with a wheel.

When it went on sale in the United States on June 29, 2007 amidst huge hype, thousands of customers lined up at Apple stores across the country to be among the first to purchase an iPhone.

The 4GB phone retailed for $499 and the 8GB model debuted at $599.

In 2007, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said there was "no chance the iPhone is going to get any significant market share."

During the middle of 2010, iPhone sales overtook those of the iPod.

The top and side of an iPhone 5S, By Calerusnak at English Wikipedia,

Apple recovered 2,204 pounds of gold from broken iPhones in 2015. That's worth about US$40 million.

The most expensive iPhone is a solid gold, diamond-studded model commissioned by an Australian tycoon at a cost of £1.92 million.

The RAM-memory of an iPhone is much more than what NASA's Apollo spaceships used to take the man to the Moon.

George Hotz, a 17-year-old hacker, was the first to unlock a first generation iPhone—he traded it for a Nissan 350z and three locked iPhones.

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