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Monday, 8 August 2011


The poisonous gas ammonia got its name from its ritual use by worshippers of the Egyptian god Ammon.

Ammonia was discovered when burning camel dung at the temple of Ammon in Libya.

The ancient Romans used ammonia (derived from urine) and fuller's earth to launder their woollen togas.

In 1859 Frenchman Ferdinand Carre developed an industrial refrigerator using ammonia. Until recently, ammonia was used in some commercial and industrial refrigeration systems, and occasionally, one would leak, causing a minor emergency.

When Eric Wolfson of The Alan Parsons Project toured Imperial Chemical Industries in Billingham, England, he saw a street that was lined with miles of pipes and some machinery, but looked to be devoid of any organic life, including people. By the street was a sign reading "Ammonia Avenue" - this was where they made ammonia. This inspired the band's 1984 Ammonia Avenue LP.

Source Songfacts

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