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Tuesday, 9 August 2011


According tradition, in the late 8th century, Charlemagne, King of the Franks, gave a charter to the people of Andorra as a reward for fighting against the Moors.

The 1972 defense budget of Andorra was a mere $5.

Under the 1993 constitution, Andorra is an independent, democratic, multiparty ‘parliamentary’ co-principality, with full sovereignty in the hands of the people, but with Spanish and French co-princes (the bishop of Urgel in Spain and the president of France respectively) as joint heads of state with limited, constitutionally defined, powers.

The upper quarters of the coat of arms of Andorra (see below) feature the arms of the Bishop of Urgell and the Count of Foix, the "two traditional protectors" of the principality.

Andorra boasts the highest life expectancy in the world (83.51 years 2008)

Andorra is the only country in the world where the official language is Catalan.

The president of France is also the co-prince of Andorra making him the only democratically-elected monarch in the world.

 In 2014 there were 2.36 million visits by tourists to Andorra which is 33.5 times their population.

Andorra’s army has 10 soldiers.

Source Hutchinson Encyclopedia © RM 2011. Helicon Publishing is division of RM.

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