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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Clothes Shop

Women of Greece's golden age--the 4th and 5th centuries BC could buy cloth in shops. These had sprung up in the chief cities of Greece. Some were small craft shops run by freed slaves, free Greek artisans, or skilled workers from foreign lands. They usually specialized in one process--cleaning and carding, spinning, dyeing, or weaving. Many of the workers belonged to craft guilds. There were also large workshops where slaves of rich men made cloth to be sold.

For anyone with a few dimes, depression America was a shopper's paradise. A man's suit cost about $10, a shirt less than 50 cents, and a pair of shoes about $4.

The Burton clothing group derives from a menswear shop opened in Chesterfield in 1900 by Montague Burton (1885–1952). Between the wars Montague Burton had a large share of the nation's trade in men's bespoke tailoring. The name was changed to Burton in 1969.

The name of the clothing store C & A comes from the first names of the Dutch brothers Clemens and August Brenninkmeyer, who  founded the business.

The first Gap store was founded as a result of Donald and Doris Fisher's difficulties in finding jeans that fitted them. The pair decided to get in the game and the original Gap store was opened on Ocean Avenue in San Francisco on August 21, 1969; its merchandise consisted of Levi's and LP records.

Gap in Hillcrest Mall

In 2004 Asda took over from Marks & Spencer as Britain’s largest clothing retailer with a 9.4% of the market. George, the clothing brand at Asda was launched in the early 1990s.

Most American clothing stores only carry sizes 0-14, but 50% of American women wear size 14 or larger.

Sources History World, Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia © 1998 The Learning Company, Inc.

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