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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Coach (Vehicle)

Stagecoaches were first developed in he village of Kocs, Hungary and first used during the reign of King Matthias Corvinus in the 15th century. This "cart of Kocs" as the Hungarians called it (kocsi szekér) soon became popular all over Europe.

The imperial post service, employed the first horse-drawn mail coaches in Europe since Roman times in 1650, and as they started in the town of Kocs the use of these mail coaches gave rise to the term "coach."

Stagecoaches (drawn by horses) were used for transport between cities from about 1500 in the United Kingdom until displaced by the arrival of the railways.

The first 'motor coaches' were purchased by operators of those horse-drawn vehicles in the early 20th century by operators such as Royal Blue Coach Services who purchased their first Charabanc in 1913 and were running 72 coaches by 1926.

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