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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Coach (Sports)

The original sense of the word "coach" is that of a carriage, deriving ultimately from the Hungarian city of Kocs where such vehicles were first made.

Oxford University stakes the claim to have been the first to use the word to describe any instructor or trainer. In the early eighteenth century students used the word informally to refer to a private tutor who "drove" them like driving a coach along bumpy roads when preparing undergraduates for their examinations.

Within a few decades the name of the coach had become an accepted title of the tutor in the academic field. In the 1880s it was adopted for the trainer of the crews manning the boats. It was then a small step for "coach" to be employed in almost every field of athletic contest.

Snoop Dogg is a certified football coach and has served as head coach for both of his sons' youth football teams.

As of 2016, Don Shula is the only coach in NFL history to finish a season and postseason with a perfect record.

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