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Wednesday, 27 July 2011


An accordion-like instrument called the Handäoline was invented by Friedrich Buschmann in Berlin, Germany, in 1822.

Viennese organ and piano manufacturer Cyrill Demian patented the first actual accordion on May 23, 1829. It was the first instrument to be called  "accordion" and was named thus because the buttons of the lefthand manual produced both bass notes and preset chords.  (The word 'accordion' derives from the German word 'akkord', meaning chord or harmony.)

8-key bisonoric diatonic accordion (c. 1830) By Henry Doktorski - Wikipedia Commons

Hugo Herrmann composed the first piece for a solo accordion entitled "Sieben neue Spielmusikenin" in 1927.

In the 1990s it was compulsory for all North Korean schoolteachers to learn to play the accordion which was known as the “people’s instrument”.

The accordion is played by compressing or expanding the bellows to generate a flow of air, while pressing buttons or keys to open valves (called pallets). This directs the air across strips of brass or steel (called reeds) that vibrate to produce sound inside the body.

Castelfidardo, Italy has arguably produced and exported the most accordions ever.

The accordion is the designated instrument for the city of Detroit.

Here's a list of pop songs featuring the accordion.

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