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Sunday, 31 July 2011

Princess Alexandra

Princess Alexandra (1844-1925), the oldest daughter married Albert Edward, Prince of Wales, St Georges Chapel, Windsor on March 10, 1863.

An 1863 exhibition of their wedding presents at the Victoria and Albert Museum attracted an average of 13,500 visitors a day during it’s 17-day run.

Princess Alexandra of Denmark and the Prince of Wales, 1863

Alexandra bore Edward six children, three sons Albert Duke of Clarence,  a weak minded fool who died in 1892 before he could become King of England, George who succeeded his father on the throne and the third son died in infancy. Their three daughters were the Duchess of Fife, Princess Victoria and Princess Maud, later the Queen of Norway.

Alexandra's style of dress and bearing were copied by fashion-conscious women. She launched the high dog collar of pearls held in place by diamond bars and also the curled fringe. In addition she introduced the first practical daycoat suited to the English weather.

Alexandra had a pet goat. It had originally been destined to be slaughtered for dinner on a cruise but it slipped its tether and put it’s head on her lap so she adopted it.

She was Princess of Wales from 1863 to 1901, the longest anyone has ever held that title.

In 1910, Alexandra became the first queen consort to visit the British House of Commons during a debate. For two hours she sat in the Ladies' Gallery overlooking the chamber while the Parliament Bill, a bill to reform the role of the House of Lords, was debated.

On Edward's death, Alexandra moved out of Buckingham Palace to Marlborough House and received a salary of £70,000 PA.

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