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Wednesday, 27 July 2011


The ancient Chinese referred to ch'i, which connects all the different organs. They believed there are two opposite forces in the body, called yin and yang, that sometimes become in-balanced, which interrupts the energy flow and affects a person emotional and physical health. Acupuncture, a medical procedure involving the insertion and  twirling of stone needles at some 800 points in the human was developed in response to this. They believed the process assisted the flow of ch'i in the body, thereby re-balancing the patient’s yin and yang and restoring him to health.

Acupuncture was first used as a medical treatment in 2700 BC by a Chinese Emperor.

During President Richard Nixon's 1972 trip to China, a newspaper correspondent who had accompanied Nixon was forced to have an emergency appendectomy whilst there. Much publicity was given to the pain relief provided by acupuncture he received after the operation. As a result Nevada became the first American state to license acupuncture as medical treatment.

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