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Friday, 12 August 2011

Apple Inc.

Apple was founded on April 1, 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne came together to form the company in order to sell their Apple I personal computer kit.

Steve Wozniak sold his Hewlett Packard calculator for $500 in 1976 to fund the firm’s launch.

The company was incorporated as Apple Computer, Inc. on January 3, 1977.

In 1971, Wozniak appeared briefly as an extra (he played a hippie) in car chase movie Vanishing Point..

The first Apple logo featured an apple dropping on Isaac Newton’s head.

Ronald Wayne, Apple's logo designer, sold his stock (10% of Apple) for $800 a fortnight after receiving it, because he thought Apple was too risky.

Just 11 days after setting up their company, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak began selling the Apple 1 computer on April 11, 1976. It was sold as an assembled circuit board and lacked basic features such as a keyboard, monitor, and case. It retailed for a bizarrely priced $666.66.

The Apple I. The owner of this unit added a keyboard and a wooden case.. By Photo taken by rebelpilot - Wikipedia 

The Apple I desktop computer was created with money Steve Jobs raised selling his VW Microbus.

The first personal computer, the Apple II, went on sale in 1977.

Apple II computer. On display at the Musée Bolo, EPFL, Lausanne.

The first hard drive available for the Apple II had a capacity of only 5 megabytes

The Apple Lisa, the first commercial personal computer from Apple Inc. to have a graphical user interface and a computer mouse, was launched on January 19, 1983.

Although the Lisa was a commercial failure—due in part to its initial price tag of $9,995—it had a significant impact on the computer industry.

The Lisa is often rumored to have been named after the first daughter of Apple's Steve Jobs, though several acronyms have been ascribed to the name.

Apple Lisa Wikipedia Commons

The Apple Macintosh, the first consumer computer to popularize the computer mouse and the graphical user interface,was introduced during Super Bowl XVIII on January 22, 1984 with its famous "1984" television commercial.

Inside the beige plastic enclosure of every 128K Macintosh – the first model sold – were engraved signatures from everyone on the Apple Mac team, including Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.
A Macintosh 128K (that has apparently been upgraded to 512K, see window)By w:User:Grm wnr 

In 1986, Apple launched a clothing line.

The iMac is a family of all-in-one Macintosh desktop computers which debuted in August 1998.  Apple made retailers buy iMacs in "five-packs, one in each color," so that the company wouldn't get stuck with the unpopular colors.

Apple introduced its first portable Mac in 1989; it predated the PowerBook by two years. It was a flop – it featured a sharp active-matrix LCD display and a powerful 16MHz 68000 processor, but it weighed a gut-busting 7.25kg and cost $6,500 (£3,600).

The PowerBook 500, introduced in 1994, was the first laptop ever made with a trackpad. By the late 1990s, almost the entire laptop market had switched to trackpads,

The iconic Windows 95 startup sound was composed on a Mac.

On August 6, 1997 Microsoft invested $150 million in Apple Computers to downplay antitrust claims.

The very first Apple Store opened in May 2001 in the state of Virginia.

Fujitsu made a device called the "iPAD" in 2002. Apple had to pay $4 million to Fujitsu to buy the trademark.

The word "Computer" was removed from Apple's name on January 9, 2007, the same day Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, reflecting its shifted focus towards consumer electronics.

Apple Inc. released the first generation iPad, a tablet computer on April 3, 2010.

A rare Apple-1 computer built in Steve Jobs' garage in the summer of 1976 sold at an auction in 2015 for $905,000.

Apple paid just £12.9 million in UK corporation tax in 2015. It generated enough profits worldwide to pay that bill in just over two hours.

If you use iTunes, you have already agreed not to use Apple products to create nuclear weapons.

Apple has a "secret police" called the Worldwide Loyalty Team that makes sure no employees leak something.

The Apple logo has a bite taken out of it simply so that it would not be mistaken for a cherry

Only 1 out of 85 college students can correctly draw the Apple logo from memory.

If Apple finds underage workers in their factories, they make the suppliers return the children to their homes, pay for their education at a school of their family’s choice, and continue to provide income for basic needs until they reach the legal working age.

Apple is the first-ever US company to have a market value of over $700 billion.

In 2015, Apple Inc was worth more than Switzerland, Sweden or Nigeria.

In just one second, Apple makes around $2,100.


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