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Sunday, 14 August 2011


Augustine became the first Archbishop of Canterbury when he was consecrated Bishop of the English at Arles Cathedral, France in 601AD.

Saint Augustine and the Saxons Wikipedia

Nine of the first ten men elected to be Archbishop of Canterbury became saints. The other one was Wighard who died of plague around 666 before he could take up the post.

In 1012 the Archbishop of Canterbury was killed at a feast in Greenwich by being pelted to death with animal bones by drunken Vikings.

William Fitzherbert (late 11th century- 1154) had the unusual distinction of having been Archbishop of  York twice, both before and after his rival Henry Murdac. He was a nephew of King Stephen of England, and the king helped secure FitzHerbert's election to York after a number of candidates had failed to secure papal confirmation.

During his lifetime, William Fitzherbert had a number of miracles attributed to him. For instance, he was on hand when the old wooden bridge over the River Ouse collapsed beneath the weight of onlookers and hundreds are plunged into the water. The archbishop made the sign of the cross and begun to pray; immediately the waters formed a bridge allowing the drowning men and women to reach dry land safely.

John Peckham, Archbishop of Canterbury, died in December 1292. On February 13, 1293, Robert Winchelsey was elected as his successor. Winchelsey left England for Rome on April 1, 1293 to be consecrated by the Pope, only to find that there wasn't one. Celestine V eventually performed the ceremony at Aquila on September 12, 1294.

One thousand baby eagles were eaten at the Archbishop of York’s enthronement feast in 1466.

In 1556, Thomas Cranmer became the only Archbishop of Canterbury to be burnt at the stake.

Matthew ‘Nosey’ Parker (1504-1575), was the original ‘Nosey’ Parker. He was the Archbishop of Canterbury between 1559 and 1575 in which capacity he devoted much of his time to historical research to discover the roots of the new English church. This involved the archbishop asking many questions of people who had been around during the English church’s break with Rome and his relentless questioning combined with his rather long nose caused his critics to dub him “Nosey Parker.”

In 1850 Rome re-established a hierarchy in England and Wales with 12 bishops in territorial dioceses under the archbishop of Westminster. The first Cardinal Archbishop was the celebrated scholar and bishop Nicholas Wiseman.

Denver Archbishop Charles Chaput (b1944)  is the first Native American archbishop in the Catholic Church. He is a member of the Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribe.

When John Sentamu was enthroned as Archbishop of York on November 30, 2005, he became the first member of an ethnic minority to serve as an archbishop in the Church of England.

John Sentamu 

In both the Anglican Communion and Roman Catholic church, archbishops are styled "The Most Reverend" and addressed as "Your Grace".

In the Anglican Communion retired archbishops, such as the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, generally do not keep the title of Archbishop. An exception is Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Source Daily Express

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