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Sunday, 4 September 2011


Asbestos is actually a type of stone made up of six naturally-occurring silicate minerals, not a man-made material.

Asbestos was originally believed to be the wool of the salamander.

In 1827 a Mr. Chaubert volunteered to test a new heat-resistant material called asbestos. He carried a raw steak into a large oven in Paris and emerged 12 minutes later very hot but unharmed. The steak was very well done.

There are two types of commercial asbestos. ‘White’ asbestos is made from sepentine and ‘blue’ asbestos from sodium iron silicate.

In the production of asbestos  fibers are woven together or bound, but over time they can work loose. Because the fibers are small enough to float freely in the air or be inhaled, asbestos usage is now strictly controlled as exposure to its dust can cause cancer.

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