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Friday, 12 August 2011

Johnny Appleseed

John “Johnny Appleseed” Chapman was born in Leominster, Massachusetts on September 26, 1774. His birthplace has a granite marker, and the street is called Johnny Appleseed Lane.

John became a frontier missionary and pioneer nurseryman who introduced apple trees to the Great Lakes area. After collecting apple seeds from cider presses in western Pennsylvania he embarked on a long trek westward, walking barefoot, planting a series of apple nurseries from Pennsylvania to central Ohio and beyond.

He made his drinking water from snow by melting it with his feet.

His clothes were made from sacks and his hat was a tin pot. He also used his hat for cooking.

There are many tales about Johnny Appleseed. It is said that once Johnny fell asleep and a rattlesnake tried to bite him, but the fangs would not go into his foot because his skin was as tough as an elephant’s hide.

Johnny Appleseed passed away in Fort Wayne, Indiana on March 18, 1845, having sown the seeds of thousands of apple trees. 

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