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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building, a skyscraper in New York City,  is 381 meters (1,250 feet) tall and has 103 floors.

When the Empire State Building was constructed in New York between 1930 and 1931, it cost $41 million to build. President Herbert Hoover hit a button on his desk in Washington DC to turn on the lights of the Empire State Building on May 1, 1931 for the Grand Opening.

For the following forty-one years after it was completed in 1931, the Empire State Building was the tallest building in the world.

The Empire State Building as seen from Brooklyn, New York by FL Smith

It is named after the popular nickname for New York, The Empire State.

The Empire State and the Chrysler buildings were born out of a frantic race between automobile mogul Walter Chrysler and General Motors executive John R Raskob to build the world's tallest skyscraper.
By David Shankbone; cropped by Beyond My Ken (talk) Wikipedia Commons
The 102nd floor Observation Deck in the Empire State Building was originally planned as the check-in area for airships docking at the tower.

The spire of the Empire State Building was originally designed to serve as a mooring mast for Zeppelins and other airships.

The Empire State Building made it to the big screen on March 2, 1933 when King Kong, starring Fay Wray, premiered at Radio City Music.

The Reynolds Building, which inspired the design of the Empire State Building, receives a Father’s Day card from its protégé every year.

There are 10 million bricks in the Empire State Building.

Each year, runners take part in a race up the 1,576 steps to the Observation level, with the record standing at nine minutes, 33 seconds.

The first time the Empire State Building was cleaned, it took a crew of 30 people working for six months straight to complete the job.

The powerful lights 1,089 feet above the ground on top of the Empire State Building can be seen by aircraft 300 miles away.

The Empire State Building generates more revenue from the observation deck than all the commercial tenants in the remaining 101 floors combined.

The Empire State Building is struck by lightening around one hundred times a year.

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