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Sunday, 4 January 2015


In 1932  the Australian military began a "war against emus. The flightless bird flocked to the Western Australian town of Campion during a hot summer scaring the town’s inhabitants. An unsuccessful attempt to drive them off was mounted by soldiers armed with machine guns.

Emu, the puppet pal of the late comedian Rod Hull, ate the Queen Mother’s bouquet at the Royal Variety Show in 1972.

Commercial emu farming started in Western Australia in 1987. Outside Australia, emus are farmed on a large scale in North America, with about 1 million birds in the US, Peru, and China, and to a lesser extent in some other countries.

Although Emus can’t fly, they can run up to 31mph in very few steps, with strides of 9ft or more.

The Australian Emu holds the land speed record for birds.

Emus drink more than three gallons of water a day and often drink continuously for ten minutes.

The early white Australian settlers used emu fat for fuelling lamps.

Emu fat has been shown to help medicines penetrate skin as well as easing arthritis pain.

Source Daily Mail

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