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Friday, 9 January 2015


The name Eritrea is derived from the ancient Greek name for Red Sea. It was first formally adopted in 1890, following its consolidation into a colony by the Italian government.

Following the adoption of UN Resolution 390A(V) in December 1950, Eritrea was federated with Ethiopia under the prompting of the United States. The resolution called for Eritrea and Ethiopia to be linked through a loose federal structure under the sovereignty of the Emperor.

Subsequent annexation into Ethiopia led to an Eritrean Liberation Front being formed and the Eritrean War of Independence,

Eritrea declared itself an independent nation following the 1993 referendum, and the name of the new state was defined as State of Eritrea in the 1997 constitution.

In its 2014 Press Freedom Index, Reporters Without Borders ranked Eritrea as the country with the least media freedom in the world.

Eritrea is one of only two countries that tax citizens and residents when living and working abroad (the other being the USA).

Eritrea has nine ethnic group: The Afar people, the Bilen people, the Hedareb people, the Kunama, the Nara, the Rashaida, the Saho, the Tigre, and Tigray-Tigrinya.

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