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Friday, 16 January 2015



The mainstream online social network Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on February 4, 2004, along with four fellow Harvard College students and roommates.

Four days after Facebook went live it had just 650 users. On September 14, 2012, the team at Facebook watched the one-billionth user sign up.

Internet entrepreneur Steve Chen worked at Facebook for a few months before quitting to set up a website that he called YouTube.

Originally known as 'TheFacebook,' the company changed the name to just Facebook after purchasing the domain name in 2005 for $200,000.

Original layout and name of Thefacebook, 2004. By Source, Fair use, $3

In 2005, MySpace was in talks to buy Facebook, but rejected their asking price of $75 million as too expensive.

The Facebook "like button" was launched on February 9, 2009. The social network site describes "liking" as a way for users to "give positive feedback and connect with things [they] care about."

The “Like” button in Facebook originally was going to say “Awesome”, rather than “Like” according to Facebook Engineer Andrew Bosworth. Zuckerberg eventually vetoed the “Awesome” button in favor of the shorter “Like”.

By Enoc vt - Wikipedia Commons

In 2011, more than 1 in 3 divorce filings in the United States contained the word “Facebook”.

Facebook, Inc. raised US$16 billion with its initial public offering in 2012, the third largest in U.S. history.

The Facebook logo is blue because of founder Mark Zuckerberg’s color blindness. The color that he can see best is blue - decision made.

The original Facebook website had an image of a man’s face on it. Dubbed the "Facebook guy" it was recently revealed that the photo was actually movie actor Al Pacino.

According to the Guinness Book of Records, on March 30, 2013, Guru Shri Rajendraji Maharaj Jaap Club from India achieved the most comments ever made on a Facebook post. A massive 15,626,405 people decided to have their say on his page.

Columbian singer Shakira made social media history in July 2014 when she became the first person to ever reach 100 million likes on Facebook.

THE 362 UK-based staff of internet giant Facebook were handed out more than £35 million in a share bonus scheme in 2014— an average of £96,000 each.

One in seven people on Earth logged into Facebook on August 24, 2015. It was the first time that the social network attracted over a billion users in one day.


As at February 2014, there are  more than 1.25 billion Facebook users across the world.

An average Facebook user spends about 55 minutes a day on the site.

70% of Facebook users are on the site daily.

Facebook loses $24,420 for every minute it is down.

There are currently more people on Facebook, than there were on our planet 200 years ago.

Around 78% of all traffic to Facebook comes from our smartphones and we upload around 350 million photos to the site every day.

Facebook Addiction Disorder, or FAD, is a term psychologists use for the estimated 350 million people who are addicted to Facebook.

Despite the fact that China blocks Facebook, the country still has 95 million Facebook users.

An Egyptian father named his newborn daughter "Facebook" to commemorate the role the social network played in the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

A 10-year-old Finnish boy was given $10,000 by Facebook for finding an Instagram bug that allowed him to delete other user's comments.

Facebook's headquarters are located at 1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, California.

Source Daily Star

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