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Friday, 9 January 2015

Pablo Escobar

Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar was shot and killed by police in Medellín, Colombia on December 2, 1993.

A mug shot taken by the regional Colombia control agency in Medellín.

By the mid-80s Pablo Escobar owned 19 different residences in Medellin alone, each with a helipad. There was so much money rolling into his enterprise that figuring out how to invest it was more than he could handle; millions were simply buried.

Escobar was once listed as the world’s seventh richest person. At the peak of his power infamous he Escobar brought in $420 million a week in revenue.

Pablo Escobar offered to pay off Colombia's $20 billion foreign debt in order to avoid extradition to the United States.

Escobar once started a fire with $2 million because his daughter was cold.

Pablo Escobar cheated at Monopoly games with his kids, hiding extra money ahead of time where he planned to sit.

When Pablo Escobar’s daughter wanted a unicorn, he bought her a horse and stapled a cone to its head and wings to its back. The horse died.

A herd of 50 or 60 hippos once owned by drug baron Pablo Escobar is living wild in Colombia.

It was estimated that Escobar spent more on rubber bands to wrap around his cash than most people earn in a year.

In 1991 Escobar agreed with the Colombian government that he would surrender to authorities and serve a maximum term of five years, and the Colombian government would not extradite him to the United States. The government agreed to build a prison overlooking the city of Medellín built to specifications ordered by Escobar, where he would be housed. On July 22, 1992, Escobar escaped from his luxury prison, never to be arrested again.

Pablo Escobar's personal hitman, John J. Velásquez, responsible for 3500 murders, was released from jail in 2014 and is now a YouTube personality with 250,000 subscribers. 

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