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Saturday, 10 January 2015


The arch Catholic Thomas More was greatly concerned about collaborators of the exiled William Tyndale who in 1525 published a Protestant Bible in English. In his 1532 book The Confutacyon of Tindale's Answere, More became the first English person to use the term "Evangelical", when he referred to "Those Evangelicalles."

In Britain, the Evangelical Alliance was founded in 1846. It nearly broke up at its first meeting of 900 delegates when a British delegate proposed that no members would be admitted who owned slaves. Some of the Americans who still accepted slave owners resented this but a compromise was made before the evangelical union broke up irrevocably.

There was a debate amongst members of the Evangelical Alliance in the 1920s on whether the Salvation Army and Brethren Church were sects. Around the same time, the well-known evangelical preacher Campbell Morgan denounced the Pentecostal movement as “the ”last vomit of Satan.”

The World Evangelical Alliance was formed in 1951 by Evangelicals from 21 countries. It is now a network of churches in 128 nations.

From 1960 to 2000, the global growth of the number of reported Evangelicals grew three times the world's population rate, and twice that of Islam.

There are currently an estimated 285,480,000 Evangelicals, corresponding to 13.1% of the Christian population and 4.1% of the total world population.

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